Competition Kayaks

Davey Hughes Annual Foxton Loop Race. Photo by Sharlene Winiata

Our specialist competition kayaks are designed to give you the competitive edge. Designed specifically for use in these competitive situations, the Skua seakayak, the perfect kayak to train in leading up to the big events. The Cyclone is ideally suited to canoe polo, while the Hurricarne and Ultimate are fast kayaks proven time and again in gruelling events like the Coast to Coast in the South Island of New Zealand. The Maximus is a more stable racing kayak which has been designed to compete in triathlons and Adventure races.

All of these kayaks have been designed to comply with all requirements set down for the events they are used in.


Cyclone CANOE POLO: Polyethylene kayak
Skua SEAKAYAK: Polyethlene kayak
Hurricane MULTISPORT: Composite fast kayak
Maximus MULTISPORT: Composite Sea Kayak