At 6.43 metres in length, the Maximus is designed to give maximum speed and good stability in moderate sea conditions. The broad bow allows this kayak to ride over waves like a surf ski without losing any speed, and easier to control while surfing a wave. A low profile means the Maximus is not buffeted by the wind in bad conditions. Its construction, using a mix of carbon and kevlar, keeps it nice and light with no flexing in the centre. This kayak is an ideal craft to use in Adventure kayak races.

Fittings include front and rear hatches; sealed compartments; retractable rudder with stainless steel wires for greater control; optional foam or solid seat; recess for deck compass; and security bar to prevent theft off a vehicle.

*NEWS FLASH* -  Water Dragon NZ have taken over manufacturing of our Maximus, Hurricane and Torres. Contact details are on our homepage.


Length: 643 cm
Beam: 51 cm
Weight: 16 kg (Fully rigged)
Cockpit: 71 x 44 cm
Construction: Kevlar / Carbon