Sea Touring Kayaks

Q-Kayaks has been involved in the designing of sea kayaks since 1986, and strives to design and produce sea touring kayaks that are best suited for a variety of people and the different conditions they paddle in. We now produce a full range from the roto-moulded polyethylene Penguin single kayak to the Kevlar-constructed Dusky Bay double kayak. Our kayaks are designed for functionality and manoeuvrability, while maintaining graceful lines, making them a pleasure to paddle and a treasure to own.

Each polyethylene kayak is made from high quality supa-link polyethylene plastic to give it excellent shape and durability. All kayaks are expedition outfitted with a retractable rudder, sealed hatches, watertight compartments, bow chartholders, storage lines, carry toggles and a towline.

Our composite seakayaks are now being made by Tim Taylor at Ruahine Kayaks. He will manufacture and sell to the public. Please contact Tim for all prices and information.  

Tui Excel Polyethylene - fast touring kayak
Penguin Polyethylene - responsive sea kayak
Shearwater Polyethylene - best all round sea kayak
Skua Polyethylene - responsive sea kayak
Tasman Express Polyethylene - expedition sea kayak
Foveaux Express  Kevlar/Carbon - playful sea kayak
Southern Skua Kevlar/Carbon - responsive sea kayak
Sea Hawk Kevlar/Carbon - fast expedition sea kayak
Torres Kevlar/Carbon - elite expedition sea kayak
Maximus Kevlar/Carbon - racing sea kayak
Wanderer Excel Polyethylene - touring kayak double
Dusky Bay Classic Polyethylene - sea kayak double
Southern Endeavour Polyethylene - expedition sea kayak double