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Ruahine White Water Club

- Please note RWWC is not a part of Q-Kayaks but we like to participate in their trips.

The Ruahine White Water Club is a group of friendly, enthusiastic people who meet regulary to explore different rivers and sections of coastline. Trips range from afternoon jaunts down the Manawatu Gorge to week-long expeditions in the Marlborough Sounds or down Whanganui River. Members kayak as far north as the Wairoa River in the Kaimai Range, and as far south as Fiordland. Participants range from those just starting out who enjoy the scenery of the lower Rangitikei to the highly experienced paddlers who tackle its upper reaches.

Although the club exists basically for touring, it does organise slaloms, canoe polo and club races. These are generally more social occasions than competitions and are enjoyed by all levels of paddlers. The club produces a monthly newsletter which lists a programme of events which are coming up, and also has reviews of trips recently held.

Find the clubs calendar here -


About the club - Check out up to date information on RWWC webpage, for more detailed information including a photo & video gallery + a page on River Info & flow phones. Please visit here - RWWC Website or checkout the facebook page - Ruahine White Water Club.(RWWC).

We have a group Flickr page for Ruahine White Water Club. It's a Group page which everyone can see, Check it out here -

                HIRING RWWC CLUB BOATS

For those who don't have their own equipment, the club has a variety of kayaks and full sets of kayaking gear available for hire. The cost to hire a kayak and gear is $10.00 per day for members and $15.00 per day for non members, only for approved club activities that are listed on our Club program. Check out website for what hire equipment is avaliable. 

Contact Ian Campbell, Ph. 027 2851975  needs 2days notice. On return all gear should be clean, this is the hirer's responsiblitly.

If you wish to find out more about the Ruahine Club, contact the following people;

President:         Melz Grant         Ph 027 2397096
Vice President: Jason Anderson    Ph 027 2240300
Secretary:         John Henry        Ph 027 4545 647

Treasurer:         Ian Campbell     Ph 027 2851975 Membership

Club Hire boats:                    Ian Campbell           
Ph. 027 2851975
White Water-advanced:        Jason Anderson      Ph 027 2240300
White Water-Intemediate       Ian Campbell           Ph. 027 2851975
Sea Kayaking:                      Max Grant              Ph 06 326 8667
Kayak Races                        Melz Grant             Ph 027 2397096

Canoe Polo:                         Greg Sawyer           Ph 021 2121551

Newsletter Editor/Updates:    Melz

For Matt's Photo Gallery on Club Trips;

For further information on Sea Kayaking, visit the KASK Web site; 

Wellington Regional Sea Kayak Network; 

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