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Evan Pugh – Test driving the Skua Sea Kayak, The BASK Bulletin 2014

My wife Linda owns the lightweight Skua and I own the standard heavier Skua specifically for rock gardening and rivers such as the Whanganui river where Kevlar/Fibreglass kayaks are best left at home.

In choppy conditions in the sea or Lakes the Skua paddles like a dream, it catches wind waves and with its round hull and rocker ( curved slightly from Stern to Bow ) it sits in the waves beautifully allowing for some long fun rides. Secondary stability when you lean over to one side is very good and can prevent a whoopsy in certain conditions, I find to cruise at 7 Kilometres per hour is fine.
The two options of weight give you a good choice, the standard model & the lightweight which have both been used to paddle around the South Island by expedition paddlers because of their durability and handling characteristics. The rudder system is great and you have the usual storage for overnight gear as well as a day hatch which can be very handy for gear you need more readily. Nice and manoeuvrable they are a joy to paddle.This is a good stable kayak with great handling in choppy conditions, heavier than other sea kayaks but one of the best available plastic kayaks on the market for beginner or experienced paddlers.

Many paddlers have tried out our own and decided they want one for themselves, So that speaks for itself.

Thomas - 2014 - I thought you might like to see some photos of Orca and scenery up in Auckland which I captured last weekend. They were taken whilst in my Q-Kayak Skua. Awesome boat by the way!

Tara Milvany - 2012 South Island Circumnavigation  

In the NZ KASK Newsletter Tara says " I want to say a special thank you to Max Grant from Q-Kayaks who helped me out with my Skua, which turned out to be really awesome! The boat made it & I didn't have a single problem with it the entire journey. It's fast, stable & an awesome surfer - plus the seat is comfy.

Agnes – 2011 - Thanks so much  for the awesome spot prise I won at the Trans Taupo race yesterday, the gorgeous Skua!!! I am totally stoked, it is an unexpected and undeserved surprise, which makes it all the more appreciated! The kayak had its first paddle with me in it today on (mirror smooth!) lake Taupo and it is simply fabulous. I felt comfortable in it right away and it paddled like a dream! Thanks very much,

Clive -2011 - I just wanted to say that the Skua handled the rough stuff on the Trans Taupo amazingly well.

Rob & Dianne – 2004 - I have had the Torres in the water a couple of times and am very impressed with its stability. It also tracks very nicely and responds quickly to paddle strokes. In fact I don’t even think it needs a rudder. Wished I had got one years ago. Looking for a Southern Skua for my wife now.

Carol – 2004 -I bought two "Penguins" a couple of years ago to paddle on the beautiful waters of the Bay of Plenty Lakes (Lake Rotoma in particular) and have now moved to Akaroa Harbour where the kayaks are still amazing with their stability, glide through the water, comfit, etc etc.  They are the BEST !! The decision was so easy once I got in the Penguin....there is no comparison....thank you !!