Kayak Paddles & Spray Skirts



   Safari Basic Paddle Blade                                      Sea kayak Touring Paddle Blade,

   Blade Size: 200mm x 430mm, 29mm shaft             Blade size: 190mm x 440mm, 29mm shaft

   Blade Colours: Yellow, Red & White only                  Blade Colours: Yellow, Red & White only.                                                   


   Safari Fibreglass Basic Paddle

   Safari Alloy Basic Paddle


    Safari Alloy C1 Paddle

   Sea kayak Fibreglass Touring Paddle

   Sea kayak Alloy Touring Paddle






     Neoprene Spray Deck, Sm, Med, Large, XL 


  Nyloprene Spray Deck, one size fits all.             Cockpit cover, various sizes. nylon or neoprene    

(Neoprene deck & nylon body tube with straps)

Spraydeck's come in various sizes to fit kayaks.  

For more information about Spray decks please view here - Kayak Accessories page.

We also have a variety of Spray decks in store in various sizes - Riot, Palm, & Rasdex.


 Kayaking Shoes, Gloves and Clothing


   Palm Kevlar Socks                                            Apollo Booties     



   Various Booties - Different Sizes