“Kiwi”, our latest all-round kayak to use on the river, lake, or surfing at the beach. Designed to go where you want when you want, the Kiwi is extremely stable and is ideal for the whole family to use. A large cockpit allows easy entry with a padded seat & backrest for maximum comfort while exploring on the water.

The Kiwi comes standard with front & rear hatches and bulkheads fitted, while the excel model is fitted with a retractable rudder. The ideal kayak for multi day trips and is the perfect craft to use in the outdoors for fishing and duck shooting.

We currently have 1 Kiwi's left in stock. Check out our Specials Page for prices. 

*NEWS FLASH* -  Predator fishtex have taken over manufacturing of our recreation range. Contact details are on our homepage.

The Delta, Escapade ll, Escapade, Escapee and Whizz Sit on top kayaks plus our Kiwi and Tui sit in kayaks are currently unavaliable but we are in the process of changing ownership.

Length: 375 cm
Beam: 74 cm
Weight: 23 kg
Depth: 39 cm
Volume: 380 Litres
Cockpit: 84 x 49 cm
Recommended Accessories: Paddle, lifejacket, spray decks