Our tried and true 'user friendly, performance' sea kayak has had a 'REVAMP'. With the 'Shearwater' kayak coming out using the Penguin hull, it was time to spruce up the Penguin to ensure she stays modern.  

Look at the top right picture to see how she performs, surfing.

Available in Standard (Polyethylene) and Lite (Polyethylene foamed core construction).

Max & Melanie Grant used the lightweight foamed core construction of the Penguin, Shearwater and Skua seakayaks when curcumnavigating around the South Island by seakayak. At times there were rough seas and rough landing but our liteweight kayaks handled the conditions perfectly.

The Penguin can best be described as 'user friendly'. A stable and responsive kayak, the Penguin is a light polyethylene kayak that moves effortlessly through the water. It's low profile and stability handle extremely well in windy conditions, plus the flared bow makes for safer paddling in rough conditions.

*NEWS FLASH* -  Mission Kayaking have taken over manufacturing of our Swift, Penguin, Shearwater, Skua and Southern Endeavour + our recreation Strike. Contact details are on our homepage.

Length: 480 cm
Beam: 61 cm
Weight: Standard: 26.5 kg - Lite: 23 kg
Volume: 305 Litres (Front 55L, Rear 90L, Cockpit 160L)
Cockpit: 80 x 46 cm
Construction: Standard: Polyethylene construction
Lite: Polyethylene foamed core