Tasman Express

The Tasman Express is an exceptional performance sea kayak. At 5.3 metres long, this sleek looking craft has been designed to maintain a good forward speed, especially when loaded up with gear. Its low profile and flared bow enables this kayak to perform extremely well in adverse or windy conditions. An aerodynamic rudder blade is fitted to prevent drag and increase forward speed and turning performance.

And a watertight day hatch positioned behind the seat enables easy access to goodies while paddling. 

The Tasman Express can be produced in three constructions:
1. Standard - Polyethylene 2. Lite - Polyethylene foamed core 3. Elite - Kevlar/carbon

The Tasman Express kayak is currently unavaliable. 


Tasman Express
Length: 530 cm
Waterline Length: 480 cm (with a 100kg load)
Beam: 62 cm
Weight: Standard: 29 kg - Lite: 25 kg
Volume: 380 Litres (Front 75L, Rear 86L, Centre Compartment 39L, Cockpit 180L)
Cockpit: 79 x 49 cm
Recommended Accessories: Paddle, Pfd, Spray Deck, Paddle Float, Paddle, Leash, Pump, Safety Flag
Construction: Standard: Polyethylene construction
Lite: Polyethylene foamed core