Kayak Fittings and Miscellaneous

Hatches and Hatchstraps


     16cm Hatch Complete             19cm Hatch Cover                    24cm Compass Hatch Cover


    Oval Hatch Cover           Neoprene Back Hatch Cover   Seakayak Std ABS Rear Hatch Cover


                    Misc Fibreglass Rear Hatch Cover    Seakayak Rear Hatchstraps    


                     Seakayak Rescue Parts                      Tui Seakayak Rescue Straps  

Straps, Robes, Webbing & Misc


    Sit On Top Backstraps        Escapade/Delts Seat Backstrap  Ozo Footrest Straps with Parts


Various Cord 2mm and 4mm          Various Webbing



Kayak Carry Handles and Misc Parts

                 Various Carry Handles     SOT Handle            Webbing Handle      Seakayak 2 piece Toggle


       Safety Bar            SOT Bottle Bungie                      Kayak Hardware


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