Kayak Fittings


Adjustable Ozo Footrest

For use with a rudder, strong attachments for a hinged flap. Stainless steel shaft for easy smooth working. Large angle of movement for quicker turning.

Made from nylon with a flass fill for extra strength. Each rail has three attachment positions to prevent twisting, 18 fixed adjustments, and a large easy to use spring loaded adjusting pin. Two styles are available; one for hulls with a vertical side the other for angled sides.


For various other types of footrests we sell, click on Accessories Page & look in Rudder & Footrest 

Deck Saddles
Made to be fitted with a 3/16 inch (5mm) bolt or rivet. We can produce them with either countersunk holes or straight holes for bolts or rivets with a larger head.  

Hand Toggles

The handle can be snapped down onto the base for safety and is shaped to your fingers to make lifting easier. The boltholes are countersunk and strengthened. We use strong spectra cord for lifting strength.


For various other types of hand toggles we sell, click onto Accessories then Kayak Fittings and Miscellaneous

Drainage Plug
Our drainage plugs have 5/8 inch (16mm) drainage hole with a wide thread for quick removal. A rubber "O" ring is used to ensure a good seal. The plug has a hole for attaching a cord.  

Rudder (Sea)
                                                                   A foil-shaped blade for speed and strength with a high tensile stainless steel shaft. The black plastic coating helps prevent corrosion. The retraction cord is polyester and will not stretch or shrink.

Rudder (Racing)
The internal spring allows the blade to flip up if it hits anything. The blade is anodised and plastic coated.                                                                           

Paddle Blade
  A gently curved blade for performance paddling in white water, made from a glass filled polypropylene to fit shafts of either 29 or 32mm. We also produce Trilex type blades. Weight is 450g.

Miscellaneous Fittings

We also sell a variety of  kayak fittings including Kayak & Paddle Accessories, Rudder parts, Hatches, Straps and More.